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Ways to Protect Your Business

A person who starts up their own business can be intrigued to be their own boss. A business owner also comes with a lot more responsibilities. A business can take money to get it up and running, and can have other expenses for the business location. An investment that every business owner needs to have is solid protection. A business insurance agent can help find the best coverage for your business. The insurance will not only protect the business itself, but will also protect the owner of the business as well. A business can cost a lot of money over time and it is good to idea to make sure that investment is completely covered.

Many business insurance agents can help you combine and bundle your insurance needs. This can save money and increase coverage. There are many agents available who are knowledgeable and will help you get this process in motion. Things that can be included in this type of coverage may surprise you.

The building that your business is located in can be included in the plan. The contents that are inside the building of the business can also be included in the coverage plan. If you have advertising signage for your business; this can be covered too. The inventory of items in or on the property of the business is items that may be included in the coverage. If the business owns or uses equipment for the business, then it can be included in the coverage plan.

There are other types of insurance coverage that can be obtained and included in the coverage. Business income insurance, commercial insurance, crime insurance, data breach insurance, and liability insurance can give you extra coverage and protection. If your business is in a high crime area, then extra protection would be a good idea. It may benefit you in the long run. When discussing your situation with an agent, let the agent know what items you have for your business. If you have any concerns about coverage; it is a good idea to ask and find out your options.

There is some coverage that may not be covered in the contract. Check with an agent to make sure because of companies may allow these items. These items include; professional liability, workers’ compensation, and commercial automobile insurance. The agent can go over all of the choices that you have for the type of coverage you’re looking for. They can let you know if you qualify for any type of discounts, benefits, or rewards. These can make your cost lower and increase coverage in the long run.

Reception service, referral, advice and support (SARCA)

When you arrive at the center, you will meet a counselor who will help you define your needs. Depending on the results of this meeting, you will then take a step among our services, or referred to an external partner.


Make your achievements known! During your personal life and through your career path, you have acquired several skills. The assessment of acquired knowledge in basic general education is defined as a process that encourages adults to explore and identify their learning and experience.

It is part of a person-centered approach;
It takes into account all the dimensions of the person, keeping it at the center of his or her approach;
It represents for the adult an educational and interactive process that enhances his personal self-esteem.
The information collected and recorded, throughout the personalized approach, will allow the adult:

to have a picture of his situation in basic general education. guide future choices (orientation, return to school, job market, volunteering).

This will provide you with secondary 5 units to earn your high school diploma (DES).


Meet our educational advisor and establish the best strategy to achieve your goals. Assessment of achievements, general development test (TDG), equivalence tests at the secondary level (TENS and GEDTS), all tools to advance in his personal project.

Recognition of Prior Learning

The recognition of prior learning and skills is based on the following principles:

a person has the right to social recognition of his acquired skills and competences when he provides proof that he possesses them;
a person does not have to relearn what they already know or to redo, in a formal school context, the learning they have already achieved in other places, in other ways;

what matters in the recognition of prior learning and skills is what a person has learned and not the places, circumstances or methods of learning.
The recognition of prior learning and skills (RAC) in vocational and technical training is an approach that allows for the formal assessment and recognition of skills acquired through life and work experiences based on a program of study.

At the end of the process, you will receive an official document (newsletter, diploma, etc.) attesting to the skills you have mastered, as if you had taken the training in one of our establishments.

If some skills are to be acquired in whole or in part to achieve your goal, you will be offered different ways for adults to do this (for example, learning guides, part-time training at a school, or in the part of a fellowship or an in-house training).

Lodging at the residence C.-E.-Pouliot de Gaspé

The C.-E.-Pouliot Training Center and the Chic-Chocs School Board offer free accommodation to vocational training students in their residence, located close to the Center.

Residence C.-E.-Pouliot de Gaspé

Certain conditions apply.


Your main place of residence is more than 125 km
Provide proof of criminal record if you are 18 years of age or older
Provide a letter of recommendation if you are under 18
However, each application will be the subject of a study.

Formation Professional Training


The purpose of vocational training at the secondary level is to provide the person enrolled there with the skills necessary to practice a trade or profession. It focuses on the job market and its requirements. It is through a structured set of learning activities defined by the programs of the Department of Education that this goal is realized. In addition, work placements allow the student to practice under the supervision of experienced individuals in the profession. High school vocational training also offers developmental activities that update the skills needed to maintain job performance in the labor market. In addition to the required prerequisites and basic skills,


Vocational training, whether for young people or adults, gives access to the same official documents issued by the Ministry of Education, namely the Vocational Studies Diploma (DEP) and the Vocational Specialization Certificate (ASP) ). The issuance of these documents is done when the person has successfully completed all the courses of the training plan to which they have registered.


DEP – Diploma of professional studies

Pathway to Vocational Education, whose programs, from 600 to 1800 hours, lead to the Diploma of Vocational Studies. This training prepares students to practice a trade whose exercise requires theoretical knowledge and gestural skills.

ASP – Attestation of vocational specialization Path of vocational education whose programs, lasting from 330 to 900 hours, lead to a certificate of professional specialization. This training prepares students for the exercise of a particular occupation for which the required training completes initial vocational training (DEP). She is a specialization in a particular branch of a trade.


Interested, but not sure? It’s easy to organize a day exploring an option.

General Education

Are you 16 years old or older?

Have you decided to complete your studies to earn your high school diploma (DES)?

Are you missing some courses to be admitted to a vocational training program?

Are you missing some courses to be admitted to Cégep?

Do you want to develop your skills for a job?

Do you want to develop skills to better play your roles as a citizen?

Do you want to acquire essential skills for your path?

Do you want to get training in English or computer?

Distance Training

We offer distance learning in secretarial and accounting
Invest your time
Progress at your own pace
Acquire quality training
Study in the comfort of your home
Do you have the opportunity to work in a stable job or get promoted?

  • Get your diploma!

DEP in secretariat

  • Course information
  • Online registration

DEP in Accounting

  • Course information
  • Online registration

Starting a Business

company , we offer you:
Office space with furniture and secure access;
Telephone including long distance calls;
Internet access;
Backup disk space (50 MB and +);
Email Address;
What is an incubator of entrepreneurs?

It is an organization that helps new entrepreneurs get started by providing them with advice, training, accommodations and multiple services until they become self-reliant.

Genesis (Residence E. Pouliot)

Proposed services

Among the services offered by GENESIS, we can find the management of human resources, the search for financing and industrial partners, the marketing, the recruitment, the legal assistance, the drafting of business plan, the management of the intellectual property , logistics and accounting expertise.
Our mission

Play a leading role in the promotion and dissemination of the entrepreneurial culture and promote the diversification and expansion of the professional training offer to Gaspésie entrepreneurs by providing training, advice and multiple services, up to the entrepreneur attains autonomy. We want to be a place for training, meetings, exchanges, initiatives and discoveries.

Conditions of admission

To access a workstation in GENESIS, you must meet the following conditions:

Register for the certificate of professional specialization Launch of a company ;
Provide liability insurance
Sign an agreement with GENESIS in return for a monthly fee of $ 250


Jean Fortin director
Aline Bernatchez Educational Consultant
Hélène Roy Educational Consultant
Ginette Dumaresq School Organization Technician
Nathalie Fournier Secretary
Isabelle Bernatchez Secretary
Iza Mercier-Bélanger Office Officer

About the C.-Pouliot Training Center in Gaspé.

Are you curious? Are you a student at the Center? Do you want to start or resume a training process? You will find on our site all the information on our services, our courses of general formation and professional formation as well as the coordinates to join us easily.

The C.-E.-Pouliot Training Center in Gaspé is a team of more than forty teachers, professionals and support staff dedicated to the success of those who have decided to walk with us.

Nestled at the end of the Bay of Gaspé, the Center will charm you both by its environment and by its staff.