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Recognition of Prior Learning

The recognition of prior learning and skills is based on the following principles:

a person has the right to social recognition of his acquired skills and competences when he provides proof that he possesses them;
a person does not have to relearn what they already know or to redo, in a formal school context, the learning they have already achieved in other places, in other ways;

what matters in the recognition of prior learning and skills is what a person has learned and not the places, circumstances or methods of learning.
The recognition of prior learning and skills (RAC) in vocational and technical training is an approach that allows for the formal assessment and recognition of skills acquired through life and work experiences based on a program of study.

At the end of the process, you will receive an official document (newsletter, diploma, etc.) attesting to the skills you have mastered, as if you had taken the training in one of our establishments.

If some skills are to be acquired in whole or in part to achieve your goal, you will be offered different ways for adults to do this (for example, learning guides, part-time training at a school, or in the part of a fellowship or an in-house training).

Formation Professional Training


The purpose of vocational training at the secondary level is to provide the person enrolled there with the skills necessary to practice a trade or profession. It focuses on the job market and its requirements. It is through a structured set of learning activities defined by the programs of the Department of Education that this goal is realized. In addition, work placements allow the student to practice under the supervision of experienced individuals in the profession. High school vocational training also offers developmental activities that update the skills needed to maintain job performance in the labor market. In addition to the required prerequisites and basic skills,


Vocational training, whether for young people or adults, gives access to the same official documents issued by the Ministry of Education, namely the Vocational Studies Diploma (DEP) and the Vocational Specialization Certificate (ASP) ). The issuance of these documents is done when the person has successfully completed all the courses of the training plan to which they have registered.


DEP – Diploma of professional studies

Pathway to Vocational Education, whose programs, from 600 to 1800 hours, lead to the Diploma of Vocational Studies. This training prepares students to practice a trade whose exercise requires theoretical knowledge and gestural skills.

ASP – Attestation of vocational specialization Path of vocational education whose programs, lasting from 330 to 900 hours, lead to a certificate of professional specialization. This training prepares students for the exercise of a particular occupation for which the required training completes initial vocational training (DEP). She is a specialization in a particular branch of a trade.


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